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Frequently Asked Questions


What grade levels do you support?

KBA supports boys and girls in 2nd through 6th grade.

When does the season begin and end?

Practices start early November.  Games begin around the first week of December and end around the 3rd week of February, followed by an end of year tournament typically the last week of February.

What levels are available for players? 

Kings offers a competitive team(s) for boys and girls grades 3-6th and recreational teams for grades 2-6th. The number of players registered and overall talent of the kids will determine how many competitive teams will exist for each group.

How does team placement work?  What are the competitive tryouts about?

First off, every player that registers for KBA will make a team.  There are two types of teams - recreational and competitive.  Each grade starting at 3rd generally has one competitive team that plays in a higher level league.  Competitive teams are formed as part of a tryout process after the preseason assessment.  Rec team players are drafted by the team of coaches using Preseason Assessment scores to help establish balanced teams.  The draft occurs shortly before the start of practices.

What is the commitment level when you play for KBA?

Rec Teams - 1 practice a week and one game (either Saturday or Sunday).  Competitive teams - 2 practices per week and 2 games per weekend (typically 1 Saturday and Sunday)

How does a player get invited to the competitive tryout?

The Preseason Assessment is an all-day event to evaluate players on different skills.  Players who score higher in each gender/grade will receive an email inviting them to an upcoming competitive tryout.  The tryouts will be designed to build a  team to develop the stronger players in each grade. 

What if I don't want my child to tryout for competitive teams?

That is perfectly fine - competitive tryouts are not for everyone.  If you wish, you can just have your child join a rec team.  When you receive your email inviting your child to return for tryouts, simply reply stating you prefer them to play recreational.

When & where are the practices and games?

Practices will occur at one of the gyms within the Kings School District and games will occur on Saturdays and Sundays. Competitive teams may have additional practices and games scheduled.  Final schedule is still TBD.

What is the cost for registration?

$175 per child

Can I volunteer to coach?

Yes!  When you register your child, please select the option that you would like to volunteer as a coach. Depending on our needs at the time, a member of the board will reach out about coaching opportunities available shortly after registration is completed.

I didn't sign up in time, can my child still play?

We offer a waiting list for those kids who missed the registration deadline. Please reach out to us at to inquire about your options.